Why Vinteo?

Why Vinteo?

Why Vinteo?


Independent developer

Vinteo is an independent developer of video-conferencing solutions. All Vinteo solutions are created by our qualified programmers. This not only helps to avoid risks connected to use of products from other global manufacturers, but also ensures stability in the difficult political and economic conditions that prevail.


Compatibility with end devices of different vends

The extensive experience and knowledge of SIP and H.323 make it possible to state with confidence that Vinteo solutions are compatible with all devices of CCS supporting these communication standards, even when they differ in their non-classical implementation.


Intuitive control interface

The Vinteo Management Interface is particularly friendly and offers a large number of conference management tools.


24-hour 24/7 support for three years with access to updates

Videoconferencing is a priority for many of our customers. Naturally, such customers want to make sure that they receive the necessary support as quickly as possible, regardless of their time zone. Therefore, we provide non-stop support service to all our clients.


Simple and profitable license policy

Vinteo licenses only the installation of the server and simultaneous connection of participants. Client licenses vary according to maximum permission of connection. The license for audio connection includes up to 100 connections per participant.

Moscow office

e-mail: moscow@vinteo.ru

Press office:
e-mail: pr@vinteo.ru


Privacy policy

Head office

e-mail: info@vinteo.ru

Address: Russian Federation, Mr. Krasnodar, Old Kuban Street, 114, f. 309


Technical support

e-mail: support@vinteo.ru