TATNEFT is one of the largest oil companies in Russia and an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The company develops oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemicals, a tire complex, a network of gas stations and a block of service structures. Also TATNEFT participates in the capital of companies in the financial (banking and insurance) sector. In addition the company is actively promoting its developments outside of Tatarstan and Russia. From the point of view of the use of modern IT technologies TATNEFT can without exaggeration be considered one of the most advanced oil companies.


Goals and issues of the project

Until the end of 2015 the videoconferencing network was built on the basis of the Polycom videoconferencing server with 8 ports. The endpoint solutions were Polycom PVX software for video conferencing using a personal computer and a standard USB camera.

When came time to scale up the corporate video conferencing system, the customer was faced with the task of finding a high-quality, feature-rich server solution compatible with Polycom equipment.


Project implementation and results

As a result of complex testing TATNEFT made a choice in favor of Vinteo since the developer server not only meet all reqirements of the enterprise but also had a low price. The solution was so consistent with the tasks of the customer that he purchased 20 licenses for 2 years. The company regularly conducts video meetings and also uses the function of the recording video conferences and broadcasts them on the Internet which are additional free features on the Vinteo server. 


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