Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pskov Region

For the first time a regular police force appeared in Pskov in 1733 by the Decree of Empress Anna Ioannovna. Then the staffing was small. Today the Pskov police include 26 territorial departments between which it is extremely important to establish stable and high-quality joint work. In addition the Pskov region is a border region and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Pskov region regularly cooperates with colleagues from the Baltic States and the Republic of Belarus.

Goals and issues of the project

During several years the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pskov Region rented a video communication server manufactured by Vinteo. During this time UMD employees appreciated all the advantages of domestic development. Therefore when The Pskov police had the task of building their own video conferencing network the customer hesitation chose the Vinteo videoconferencing server.

Project implementation and results

Focusing on tasks, the number of participants and the regularity of the video meetings, the Pskov Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs acquired MCU Vinteo for 40 ports. The solution made it possible to include the Cisco TelePresence C40 video codec and 10 Yealink VC110-VCP41 terminal systems for group use into the video communication network.

The Vinteo server allows employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Pskov region to use videoconferencing in their daily work without thinking about technical and technological nuances, and timely operational service support 24/7 gives the customer additional confidence in the reliability of the service video communication network.



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