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Vinteo experts answer the most popular questions about videoconferencing technology and its applications.

Сan audio communication devices be connected to the videoconference?
The need for integration of the CCS network with the departmental telephone exchange is laid down in every second request submitted to Vinteo company. This integration is needed to enable the gathering of meetings to connect to videoconference staff or counterparties of the company who do not have the capability to connect by video. The difficulty of implementing this option is that not all IP-PBX subscribe to protocol standards, that is, they do some individual implementations of SIP and H.323 protocols.

Vinteo positioned its main product not just as a videoconferencing server, but as a conference server on which to conduct high-capacity controlled audio and video conferencing. In addition, historically, the MCU Vinteo server (from the Multipoint Control Unit, a multi-point conference server) has grown from an earlier predecessor, IP PBX, which first grew into an audio conference server and then a videoconference server. Accordingly, our product contains both SIP-registry and H.323, that is, creation of SIP-lines and setting of audio call routing are regular functions of Vinteo.

Therefore, with all the PBX «out of the box» (without any additional settings) the Vinteo server will work without any problems, and for non-standard IP PBX in our solution there is an optimal set of necessary extensions. At the same time, the integration of the MCU Vinteo server with the telephone network is carried out by intuitive tools and can be performed by ordinary communication professionals, who often have the task of managing the corporate network CCS. In addition, there is a technical possibility to equip Vinteo servers with E1, ISDN and PRI dialling ports. This means that for demanding integration, when it is not possible to make IP-lines connecting the IP-PBX and the Vinteo server, we can equip the video server with telephone ports and make a connection from the PBX to the videoconference server directly.

It should be noted that the connection of audio participants to the Vinteo videoconference is a very budgetary feature: every license for audio connection is distributed to 100 participants (if you need to connect more than 100 users, you get another license for 100 connections). It is noteworthy that viewers of broadcast conferences are not licensed at all, that is, it is completely free of charge.

Many customers use the possibility of connecting audio participants when it is not possible to equip all employees with video terminals. In this transitional format you can use IP-cameras, if you have them, - direct them to the rooms where the audio participants speak, and thus also see these speakers.

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