Smart videoconferences from Neutronix and Vinteo

Smart videoconferences from Neutronix and Vinteo Since September 1, 2020, the joint development of Vinteo and Neutronix (general distributor Vinteo in Russia) has been launched in commercial operation - a Recognizer solution for facial recognition. The product will complement the functionality of the Vinteo software server and will expand the scope of application of professional video conferencing. In fact, it is a unique domestic software product, which makes the Russian CCS Vinteo solution more functional than the proposals of leading foreign vendors in the telepresence segment.

One of the key features of Recognizer is the facial authorization of participants entering the conference room, similar to the Face ID scanner in Apple products. An important difference is that Recognizer works with any hardware and software terminals and protocols without the need to use pin code (this option is also saved).

In addition, the product is dynamically able to identify each meeting participant, recognize it in the same way on all devices involved and display the same information about it, adjusting the display depending on the status of the conference. For example, the full data of the participant with FIO, post and regalia will be automatically drawn when communicating with state structures, only the name - for internal meetings with colleagues, signature in English - at the entrance to the conference with foreign partners.

Recognizer’s built-in ability to collect analytics shows various statistics, depending on the client’s requests - conference reports, attendance of participants (not just at the level of the codec connection, but in the dynamics - who used it, which member came later, which before), busy conference rooms, regularity of company employees' communication with clients, etc. This makes it possible not only to monitor work, production and training processes, but also to assess the overall performance of the CCS infrastructure.

"The goal of our development is to create a system of «smart» video communication systems based on the quality of Russian telepresence videoconferencing solution, with which it is possible not only to improve large-scale conferences at the highest level, but also to transform the processes of providing services to end-users in different sectors - education, medicine, finance and many others. In particular, to make them safer - for example, a facial recognition system will help to prevent bank workers from swindling credit for stolen passports, speed up the process of confirming the identity of borrowers in order to issue loans", - told Grigory Ivanov, the executive director of Neutronix.

Recognizer – the debut development of Neutronix in the segment of domestic artificial intelligence for video communications, in the future the company plans to increase expertise and add intelligence to the conference recording processes, protocols, searches, introduce "smart" layouts, assistants and other useful tools based on customer requests.

For companies already using the Vinteo server, the purchase of Recognizer implies the purchase of an additional license. At the same time, special conditions for the purchase of a new product are provided for customers with extended support of the CCS server. If the company did not previously use the Vinteo solution, it will first need to purchase a license for the CCS server and separately for the facial recognition software. The price of the standard Recognizer license for the year starts from 700 thousand rubles. The price of the standard Recognizer license starts from 700 thousand rubles.

Recognizer is installed and configured in the customer’s infrastructure by specialists of Neutronix within a few hours. The management of the solution is intuitive and does not cause difficulties in the operation of ordinary employees of the client companies. An initial one-time customization of the conferences is also available, with the composition of the conference participants unchanged for a long time.

"Through its application functionality, Recognizer will take professional videoconferencing solutions beyond the traditional for this segment of the market of call-meeting scripts at the management level of large organizations. For example, the use of the product will solve the problem for parents of schoolchildren with the organization and control of the process of distance learning, allowing the student to safely enter the conference from any gadget, while preserving a single identity and avoiding problems with multiple passwords on different platforms. The solution also makes it possible to easily track school attendance statistics and monitor the student’s progress," noted Roman Samoylov, director of Vinteo.

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