Vinteo video conferencing implemented in medical Zabaikalye institutions

In 2019 Medical information analytic center of Zabaikal region realized a project for creation of a new system of video conferencing within the "Healthcare" national project. The creation of video conferencing allowed to provide quality connection during conducting plan and emergency meeting among MIAC, Ministry of healthcare and hospitals of region under normal conditionals and coronavirus pandemic conditionals. Partner of project realization became Softline company.

In video conferencing system work more than 60 hospitals and a number of related organizations, many of these located in remote settlements under control of the Medical information analytic center of Zabaikal region. Before recent times the customer used an outdated video conferencing system which did not satisfy current requirements to the functionals, number of connections and connection quality. Within the project MIAC implemented video conferencing of Vinteo domestic manufacturer which works via widespread SIP and H.323 protocols and integrates with most other video conferencing including solutions of leading foreign vendors. The system works at the Depo server base and it has low cost and is not required to buy high cost equipment.

At the result test sweep customer was satisfied by the solution; after that 50 points of connection were chosen in five of which equipment of high HD resolution were installed. While video conferencing used for meeting among regional and federal Ministries of healthcare, heads of hospitals, related institutes but further it is planned to spread it to all medical organizations of the region for creation of a full-fledged telemedicine system which will make work of doctors from remote regions much easier.

"The absence of contemporary video conferencing substantially complicates communication process among geographically distributive organizations that it is unacceptable to medical institutions because it is very important to exchange information operatively. Today MIAC of Zabaikal region got a video conferencing system by Russian manufacture which respondes to all requirements presented to telemedicine systems for quality, data transmission speed and degree of channels security of channels. We are grateful to heads of MIAC for their professional approach in the setting tasks and help in all stages of project realization", Sofya Leontieva, Softline expert in NFD and FEFD in work with government and academic organizations, told.

"We appreciate the professionalism of Softline team experts which help us to find suitable and implement comfortable and reliable video conferencing system responding to contemporary requirements for conducting remote meetings. It is especially important in the pandemic period because it became one of the main communication means. The solution suggested by the IT provider managed with a high load completely. Beside of this a new video conferencing is very comfortable for work: it has intuitive interface and allows to create schedule of meetings, to connect to the conference from any device and conduct broadcasts in web", Mihail Vladimirovich Osipov, director of SHI MIAC, said and shared his impressions about realisation of the project.

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