Discussion for advanced technologies of health care had conducted with Vinteo support

June 19 Business club of National award in effective use of advanced technologies field of "Priority" had conducted online discussion from cycle of "Technologies are here and now". The theme of the day became burning questions of advanced health care technologies of contemporary.       

Technological partner of discussion became Vinteo, Russian manufacturer of video conferencing solutions, which gave the platform for speaker communication.

Participants of discussion are authority experts in the healthcare field. They conducted actual live discussion for the set theme, discussed problems in existing legislation and possible growth points for Russian medical manufacturers. Boris Popov, Vinteo business development director and constant lecturer of "Contemporary aspects of telemedicine" international school, made the report on the theme of telemedicine.

"For the branch of telemedicine the pandemic served as both a growth driver and exposed a number of problems and primarily the absence of united technological standards. Today each medical institution uses its own solution of video conferencing and its own informational sistem. There is no united technological standard on government level for them; it leads to equipment incompatibilities and impossibility to provide services for population easily and quality and provide interagency cooperation", Boris Popov said in his report.       

Evgeniy Tkachenko, advisor to the general director of the Moscow International Medical Cluster Foundation and moderator of the meeting, said that discussion on the whole was very rich and informative. Such meetings, experience exchange and knowledge have important meaning in healthcare achievements, especially in pandemic fight period in the world.


Video of the discussion available for link.


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