New Panasonic and Vinteo solution will increase effectiveness of video conferencing

Panasonic and Vinteo companies have tested video conferencing servers and Panasonic of KX-VC seria video conferencing systems of high definition for compatibility successfully. In the testing process were confirmed software Vinteo server guaranteed to work with Panasonic terminals via open international standard of transmission of H.323 multimedia data and supports work of FEC (Forward Error Correction) system of image recovery thanks to which even with unstable internet connection and with small bandwidth optimal resolution of image and sound quality for user provided. 

Panasonic specialists appreciated the high effectiveness and wide functionality of Vinteo products which do not concede the developments of world leader manufacturers of video conferencing systems. Vinteo became the one video conferencing vendor supporting the advanced technical capabilities of Panasonic video conferencing systems for providing transmission quality of voice and video with unstable channel bandwidth.      

Integrations of Panasonic and Vinteo products allowed to create full-fledged and unique budgets to russian market solution for creating corporate systems of video conferencing. 

The provider of joint solution became Neutronix - exclusive distributor of Vinteo products which was created for development of partner channel. 

All Panasonic systems of video conferencing support possibilities of transmission HD images. Differences in terminal equipment line is mostly in scales of conducting conferences: from point to point format in KX-VC1000 and four connections in KX-VC1300, up to 10 in KX-VC1600 and 24 connections in KX-VC2000. Systems provide stable video connection of high quality thanks to the speed control function of data streams (AV-QoS), they allow you to connect up to three monitors and other.    

Panasonic and Vinteo joint decision is perspective for different fields of business. It does the communication and interaction of participants of many business processes is fast and effective, anywhere they locate. The solution opens new possibilities for conducting video conferencies of any scale on a high level even with limited technical and financial possibilities.     

"Using hardware terminals working to open protocols is the only way to organize quality video connection to corporate users level. Vinteo and Panasonic partnership united terminals and video conferencing server of professional class making video conferencing is available even to customers with limited budgets. The integration of solution for fight with losses is especially important for us in work with Panasonic; there are quality problems and internet availability in remote regions and issue of traffic optimizing faced to customers", Roman Samoylov, Vinteo director, said.

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