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From March 26 Vinteo announced the start of free promotion of Corona Vinteo to support existing and potential customers to move employees on remote work. The company plans to give free temporary licenses to new installed customers servers and operatively expand capacity of earlier acquired servers for 3 months with the possibility of subsequent prolongation.

Initiative of Vinteo aims to support authorities and institutions of different levels, government corporations, funds, Research institutes, medical and educational institutes and other non-commercial organizations during quarantine measures against coronavirus without any territory limits. 

Vinteo's solution is a high-quality professional video conferencing when using which the customer is not limited by the number of registered accounts the number of simultaneous participants in conferences and conferences themselves and can work with equipment from other manufacturers.  

To obtain a temporary license the customer or Vinteo partner needs to fill out the form on the website or send a request to by e-mail. 

When a new customer contacts Vinteo who have not previously used the company's products he will have access to the number of ports and options corresponding to the characteristics of his server platform. A customer who already has a Vinteo video conferencing server will receive the requested number of ports necessary to solve current issues (up to the maximum allowable for the allocated hardware capacities).

The term of the possible start of operation of the Vinteo videoconferencing solution from the moment Vinteo receives the request depends on the customer's availability of hardware resources of the required configuration. If the organization already has dedicated hardware capacities (a hardware server or a virtual machine in the data center) then issuing a license and installing a video communication solution will take no more than a few hours. If the customer has no servers they will need to be purchased which will determine the period before the deployment of video conferencing. The typical server acquisition time (depending on its configuration) can take up to 7-10 business days.

The required configuration of the hardware server for the installation of the Vinteo video conferencing solution depends on the tasks facing the organization. The number of registrations and the number of conferences held simultaneously on the Vinteo server is not limited; only the number of simultaneous connections and video quality are licensed (for example HD720p, HD1080p or 4K video). Vinteo specialists will provide more detailed information about the required technical parameters to each applicant as part of an individual consultation. 

"With the introduction of quarantine measures in the country and the forced transition of the population to remote work, the increased demand for telemedicine services, distance education, urgent interagency meetings the priority of video conferencing within organizations has sharply increased. Previously purchased solutions have become critical to business processes and many users have problems with prompt and high-quality video conferencing services. To us as a domestic manufacturer of videoconferencing solutions, the number of requests from the main pool of customers: universities and educational institutions, medical centers, government agencies  has greatly increased. By introducing free licenses we want to support customers in an emergency situation when the majority do not have budgets for the urgent purchase of videoconferencing solutions but we need to quickly introduce a new technology for them, or sharply increase the number of accounts of the existing videoconferencing", Boris Popov, Vinteo business development director comments. "I would also like to note that the free installation of solutions offered by many Russian vendors makes it possible to pilot videoconferencing products in almost every office and comparing them in quality and functionality. It will have a positive impact on the industry by showing customers the benefits of professional video conferencing and the real work of different products not just promising advertising".

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