Vinteo company took part in XXVIII International school of “Modern aspects of telemedicine”

Expert of Vinteo company, Russian manufacturer of solutions of video conferencing, took part in work of International school of "Modern aspects of telemedicine" which passed November from 18 till 23 in Moscow. Educational course prepared by Department of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine, Medical Institute of RUDN, Skolkovo International Medical Cluster, International Telemedicine Association and electronic health care (ISFTeH – International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth) and Russian Telemedicine Association.     

Boris Popov, Vinteo company business development director, conducted theoretic and practical lessons for listeners of course for work with professional solutions of video conferencing within the section of "Technical equipment of telemedicine centers and telemedicine technologies".    

Doctors from Russia and Kazakhstan and also students of senior courses of RUDN took part in school work – within six days leader Russian and foreign specialists in digital medicine conducted lectures and practical lessons for students.

Educational course was opened by Frank Lievens, executive secretary of ISfTeH, professor, by lecture of "Modern tendencies of telemedicine in the world" and finished it by Saroj Mishra, one of leader of international work group of ISfTeH for remote teaching of doctors with Valeriy Stolyar, head of the Department of RUDN, who told within interactive tele lecture about experience of telemedicine in India. According to results of training listeners got documents of established sample – certificates of completion of the telemedicine course.   

Within the training listeners had the possibility to meet with Russian telemedicine services and equipment for telemedicine centers, get skills of preparing and conducting remote video consiliums. It is needed to note educational program of School touches all aspects of telemedicine system from zero and further successful exploitation; starting from calculating the number of potential patients, determining the size of investments in project and its suggested payback period, choose of suitable premise for organization of telemedicine center, channels of connection and needed equipment till legal issues including detailed analysis of all documents regulating this direction. 

Theoretical part of Vinteo expert course was dedicated to professional video conferencing as an important technical component of telemedicine service providing. Principles of work of video connection technology were explained to listeners (including basic information about existing protocols of video encoding, image building, video resolution, data transmission and others), WebRTC, detailed analysed differences of professional video conferencing from web conferencies and communicators. At the end of lecture hours for each listener check list to its individual tasks was developed comfortable and applicable for choose solution of video connection helping to avoid mistakes and added costs during self designing of telemedicine center. 

Special emphasis in teaching was made on to literate building of telemedicine system using video conferencing solution with the possibility of technical compatibility it with analogue solutions of other institutions and medicine centers (as in Russia as foreign) for providing of full spectrum of telemedicine services including patient consultations, conducting of international consiliums, operational consults and other.     

On the practical part of course for demonstration of possibilities of professional video conferencing broadcasts of three ophthalmological operations for exchanging of lens of the eye and cataract removal were conducted accompanied by transmissions of two video streams of high resolution. Also listeners could try video conferencing by themselves using personal devices. 

"School of telemedicine is a very important and needed project; participation as an expert in which is a tradition for me for many years. School program makes a clear and full system of knowledge for listeners for all telemedicine aspects – there is no such quality content about the theme anywhere. For me as an expert in the video conferencing field it is important that on a School base problem areas of industry discussed in particular the absence of compatibility of using technical solutions in different institutions that is not allowed to speak about full-fledged providing all spectrum of services. One of the experts tasks of the School is to show how to build a real working system compatible with solutions of other medicine institutions in Russia and abroad, Boris Popov, Vinteo company business development director, noted. As the representative of the company it is valuable for me that the School collects enthusiastic listeners coming to bring for real skills and practical experience. Many students already knew our Vinteo video conferencing system; work with it on a Ministry Health Care level and on the course we get fruitful feedback and concrete questions".   


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