For teleconference organization at the NAUKA 0+ festival used Vinteo Russian video conferencing system

October 12, 13 within Moscow stage of XIV All-Russian NAUKA 0+ science festival teleconference with International space station, Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR, Nuclear Innovation Cluster in Dimitrovgrad and also "Progress" Antarctic station were organized. For all video conferencing sessions used the Vinteo system of Russian manufacturing.

The main theme of NAUKA 0+ All-Russian science festival was the 150th anniversary of Periodical chemical elements table of D.I. Mendeleev therefore the main part of activities of the festival were dedicated to chemistry. Organizers prepared over two thousands events including interactive exhibitions, experiments and experiences, lectures by Nobel laureates and exchange of experience with young scientists, impressive scientific shows, intellect discussions and scientific battles, quests, excursions, film screenings and others for visitors of the festival.       

In particular on Lomonosov Moscow State University platforms could take part in teleconferencies in real time with high quality of video and full presence effect using professional video conferencing system and communicated with interesting speakers. To organize video connection sessions was used Vinteo program server of video conferencing locating in MSU; Vinteo video core was installed to the Dell T630 server with one processor and two NVIDIA Quadro professional video cards.

So October 12 "Space lesson 2.0. Reboot" teleconference organized by State Corporation "Roscosmos" connected Shuvalov building of MSU (Moscow), "Sirius" Educational center (Sochi), Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk), "Engineerium" child technopark at MSTU named after N.E. Bauman (Moscow), "Kvantorium" child technopark of Technological universitet (Korolev), and also International space station (ISS).  

Teleconference was in usual lesson format proposed by Alexandr Serebrov, astronaut pilot and added different interesting activities for a given topic of "Water is the source of life not only to Earth". Fyodor Yurchikhin, Hero of Russia, astronaut pilot became guest and expert and to the ISS during live broadcast Oleg Skripochka and Alexandr Skvortsov, astronauts, took part in talking.        

Then at Shuvalov building of MSU teleconference with Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR, in Dubna was conducted in which create of elements of Mendeleev table; for example here the oganesson 118th element of Mendeleev table was created named in honor scientist of Yuriy Tsolakovitch Oganesyan.  

And right after in teleconference format guests of the festival communicated with representatives of the innovation cluster in Dimitrovgrad where scientists look for ways of cancer healing using radiation; they develop medicines and created Hi-tech in the power field.          

October 13 within the festival teleconference with polar explorers was conducted which connected Zaryadye park in Moscow with "Progress" station in Antarctica. Employees of station fully isolated from connection with other continents for many months told about science activity in severe conditions and answered questions of participants of teleconferences.          

The feature of organization of video conferencing with Antarctic station became the use of satellite channel connection which suppose high type delay of image and sound. To minimize negative aftermath of such connection on Vinteo server used with speed limit on the "Progress" station with choosed indicate of 256 kbps (because enough big information overload is to the connection channel (overhead) in the form of an encryption system).   

Vinteo solution showed its effectiveness and smooth operation to all past events of the festival including use of a video conferencing system on non-standard satellite channel of connection. It succeeded because an work algorithm with audio and video was used with which technology of priority of audio traffic than video and also Forward Error Correction (FEC) protocol was used for decreasing losses in the communication channel until 10 - 15%.

"The second year our company provides technical and consulting support to MSU on festivals connecting its different groups not only to each other with numerous video sessions but with interesting people and hard-to-reach objects. High responsibility lying to us as the equipment supplier of video conferencing for the largest all-Russian project motivates constantly to develop technologies using the Vinteo equipment for providing video connection work in any conditions. We are fully satisfied by results of passed teleconferences; Vinteo solution has worked most difficult video organizations scenarios without crashing; demonstrating a high quality and reliability of a fully domestic video conferencing system", Boris Popov, Vinteo company business development director, noted.

All-Russian festival of NAUKA 0+ organized by Moscow government represented by the Department of Education and Science supporting by Ministry of science and high education of Russian Federation, MSU named Lomonosov and RAS collected in Moscow about 950 thousands participants on more than hundred platforms of all over the city. Organizers of them became leading universities, scientific centers, technological organizations, museums and even schools - all over 450 organizations. Central platforms were Fundamental library and Shuvalov building of MSU, buildinf of chemical faculty of MSU, Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya, RAS Presidium building, Zaryadye park, Huawei OpenLab innovation laboratory, Palace of Pioneers on Vorobyovy Gory and Moscow Center of quality of education.     

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