Vinteo received an award for import substitution in videoconferencing

Vinteo, a Russian manufacturer of professional video conferencing solutions has become a laureate of the National prize for the effective use of advanced technologies of "Priority 2.0". The ceremony of presenting awards to the winners was held on November 24 in the Great Hall of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

The company was awarded a prize in the category "Import substitution in Video Conferencing" for a portfolio of video conferencing solutions. Awards were given to the Vinteo video conferencing server and proprietary video terminals. These are the only video conferencing products in Russia built on the classic SIP / H.323 architecture; they fully support standards of traditional video conferencing systems with which the largest manufacturers of professional video communication systems work.

We should be noted that the Expert Council of the Prize was able to evaluate the work of the company's products in real conditions: in June and July on the Vinteo platform interactive events of the "Technologies here and now" cycle of Priority business club took place. "The second wave of import substitution - information technology on high alert" and "Advanced technologies for practical healthcare" online discussions brought together authoritative experts, representatives of different areas of the IT community and healthcare professionals in the video conferencing mode to discuss actual issues. All session participants noted the high quality of the platform and company's qualified technical specialists.

The award in the field of import substitution confirms the correctness of one of the global goals of Vinteo to actively contribute to the promotion of domestic developments in the videoconferencing segment by making import substitution the priority for customers both from the point of view of the objective technological superiority of Russian videoconferencing systems and the economic benefits from their acquisition and long-term exploitation.

The company's success is also evidenced by its stable growing financial performance: over the past 2 years, Vinteo's revenue has more than doubled (for comparison, in 2019, Vinteo's revenue from the creation of video conferencing solutions increased by 99.2% compared to 2018 and amounted to 156.620 million rubles). Such increase in the indicator is associated with the implementation of a number of large projects within the framework of the national import substitution program. During this period more than 100 largest projects were implemented in the interests of customers with a total number of server ports over 1000. The main pool of Vinteo customers is mainly ministries, departments, companies with state participation, budgetary medical and educational institutions, courts and others. The share of state customers and companies with state participation in the company's revenue is over 80%.

"This diploma is not just a confirmation of the quality and uniqueness of our developments but also proof that Vinteo solutions are considered as direct import substitution of classic video conferencing products from leading foreign vendors. We have shown by our own example that a small regional developer in 5 years can grow from an ordinary Russian startup into the company whose solutions are used by the largest government customers", Boris Popov, Vinteo business development director, noted. 

Recall that Vinteo was founded in 2013 in Krasnodar. Today it is a team of more than 30 specialists in 5 cities: Krasnodar, Maykop, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan). The flagship product of the company is the Vinteo Linux based software video conferencing server built on the classic architecture and operating on the industry standard H.323 and SIP protocols. The company's product line also includes video terminals and unique additional functionality that even foreign video communication solutions do not have - for example a videoconferencing system for face recognition and a simultaneous translation system. Vinteo's developments are registered in the Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases (register of domestic software).  In 2019 Vinteo was nominated for the third and final stage of the V National prize for import substitution and technology transfer of Priority 2019.

In total 34 companies from various sectors of the Russian economy became the winners of the Prize this year whose achievements were recognized as the best in the development, implementation and promotion of advanced domestic technologies in all areas of industry and IT. 

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