Vinteo solutions

Vinteo advantages

Advantages of Vinteo Vinteo server solutions not only allow for stable videoconferencing of high quality, but also have a number of additional features that give significant advantages to customers when organizing business processes.

Vinteo broadcast server

Recently, more and more customers need to be able to broadcast videoconferences. Such a need arises when organizing distance learning or webinars of different orientations.

Vinteo ST

Vinteo ST is the complex solution including full-gledged videoconferencing server and ultra high definition terminal (4K Ultra HD). Can act as the cascade server and connect participants in the local networks with further connection to the head server by one stream. Like all Vinteo video connection solutions support H.323 codec, SIP protocol and WebRTC standard. 

Vinteo web client

The CCS has long since moved out of the conference room. An increasing number of corporate users are using video communication to communicate with their partners, colleagues and customers not only from their workplaces, but also through smartphones or tablets.

Vinteo T

Vinteo T is video connection customer device Full HD quality which provides 1080 video resolution. The feature of the solution is that it rebroadcast video conferences from an upstream server. 

Vinteo solutions catalog

Vinteo solutions developed by leading Russian specialists and suitable to a wide range of customers for organization of conferences with high quality connection. Besides using universal and additional functionals Vinteo solutions can be fully adapted under individual clients tasks becoming the basis for delivery developing videoconferencing systems. 

Vinteo Desktop

Vinteo Desktop is a video conferencing client compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. It allows high-resolution videoconferencing up to 1080p on conventional stationary computers or laptops and supports DuoVideo mode. It supports video codecs H.264 and VP8 and audio codecs OPUS and g.711.

Vinteo videoconferencing recording server

Often customers need to record all or some videoconferences. For example, this feature allows for the recording of meetings, as well as the archiving of video meetings, so as to be able to access these recordings at any time.

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