Vinteo Video Core

Vinteo Video Core

Vinteo Video Core

Vinteo Video Core is a software server, the core of video conferencing and communication system.

Vinteo Video Core Infrastructure Solution is characterized by its wide scope and allows to implement hybrid specialized solutions: to integrate video conferencing with corporate telephone exchanges and VoIP voice gateways, to perform video analytics and other services, necessary for customers from various branches - medicine, energy, construction industry and state bodies.

With Vinteo Video Core, you can connect up to 1,000 participants to videoconferencing simultaneously. The solution supports advanced WebRTC technology, which allows you to connect to videoconferencing using a browser directly and does not require the installation of specialized software.



  • Broadcast CCS sessions
  • Record all CCS sessions
  • Voice activation
  • Individual and common layouts
  • Manual and automatic layout control
  • Extensive conference administrator/moderator function CCTV, video link to conference
  • Support for H.239, BFCP, second video stream for WebRTC, VNC
  • Many automatic and manual connection scripts
  • Schedule and automatic collection of CCS
  • SIP Registrar and H.323 Gatekeeper



Integration options

  • With any video conferencing/PBX servers via SIP/H.323
  • Deep integration with PBX via SIP, H.323, ISDN PRI 


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