Alina Group of Companies

Alina Group of Companies

The Alina Group of companies was founded in 1989 and is engaged in the development of various business sector such as the production of building materials, retail and others. The industrial group which is part of Alina Group of Companies and is responsible for the production of constraction and finishing products is the largest buildibg company in Central Asia with a full cycle, starting with the extraction and processing of raw materials and ending with the extraction with the sale of finished products to the final comsumer. The company has its own careers, 4 factories and 3 large logistics centers in Kazakhstan, a network of branches in Kyrgyzstan and more than 100 dealers in Asia. In total Alina trade and industrial group employs 3,150 specialists.     

Product goals and essues

Video communication is one of the most important business communication tools of Alina Group of Companies. The company's specialists used the Skype for Business but gradually the needs of holding outgrew the capabilities of this solutions. There was the need to built a video conferencing system with its own infrastracture and professional corporate terminal solutions.

Product implementation and results

The choice of Alina Group of Componies was made in favor of the Vinteo multipoint server for 20 ports. Since this solutions most closeky met the requirements. The offices of the holding's management were equipped Polycom RealPresense Group 500 video conferencing terminals and employees' workplaces were equipped with Polycom RealPresence Desktop applications. As a result the customer received not only stable reliable video conferencing with the prospect of scalling but also the ability to connect video surveillance system to video conferencing sessions. 


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